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Recently on a friend’s Facebook wall I posted this,

“it is in silence that we are confronted with our weakness, frailty and fallenness…we can either face those weaknesses or ignore them by drowning them out with more noise.”

Now I am sure that these are not my words, but subtly plagiarized/paraphrased from a combination of Richard Foster, Dallas Willard, Jesus, Earl Lavender or Gary Holloway.  Nevertheless, there is so much NOISE in our lives from iPods, Computers, Cell Phones, Text Messages, Billboards, TVs, etc. that we don’t get to confront silence easily anymore.

In silence, we truly are confronted with our scars, our failures, our weaknesses, our frailty, our humanity in such a way that we are forced to either confront it and let God work in our souls, or we simply turn up the volume on the noise in our life and ignore the significant spadework of the heart we must endure to heal from that pain.

I have the privilege of taking classes of student through the journey of discovering the spiritual disciplines most semesters.  I find the disciplines like study, worship, prayer and quiet time easier for them to practice because they usually require them DOING something.  However, I always sense their hesitation with the disciplines of solitude and meditation where the participant is required to BE and to LISTEN and not do so much.

BE-ing and LISTENING are far more difficult for Western Christians as it doesn’t require us DOING. . . we must be passive and we have distilled our faith down to action.  By doing this, we have stripped our faith of the work that God desires to do in our life.

For it is in the silence that God perhaps does the best work.

It is in the silence the pruning happens.

It is in silence that we are confronted with a “Holy, Holy, Holy God” and we realize we are a man/woman of “unclean lips.”

It is in the silence that we realize that we are NOT God and the we ARE dependent upon God for everything.  It is much easier to think that we ARE God.

It is in silence that we hear the “still small voice of God” that may call us to dangerous places, make significant and painful sacrifices, or actually do the things the Bible calls us to that we have drowned out with the voice of our surrounding culture.

May you be SILENT some this weekend. . .



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aloneIn yesterday’s sermon, Lee Camp referenced the following quote from Bonhoeffer:

When you are alone in your sin, then you are truly alone.”

I believe that is one of the reasons *silence* frightens us.

It is in silence that we have to listen…listen to our souls.

It is in slience that we hear and see vividly how we don’t measure up to God…and then are confronted with our sin.

This sin alienates, separates and convicts.  And we don’t like that.

We like !NOISE!  Noise that distracts.  Noise that allows us to ignore the TRUTH residing in our souls.  Noise that causes us to procrastinate the self-reflection and meditation that margin in our lives so deeply desires.

Being alone in one’s sin is not necessarily a bad thing.  Perhaps, that aloneness is what truly gives us the motivation to actually DO something about that sin, or better yet, let God do something with that sin in the *silence*

So in invite  you to be *silent* . . . right now . . . go ahead . . . you can do it