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Posted in Life with tags , , , on January 20, 2009 by Walter

If I am honest, I grew up in a home and a culture where there was distinct racism.  I remember hearing the “N-word” many times in my home.  I confess to even using it as a young boy.  It is not something I am proud of.  Actually, I am ashamed to admit this.

BUT.  God worked on me.  Touched my heart.  Opened my eyes.  Changed me.  Through the words of men like Martin Luther King Jr. and experiences with room mates of color and introduction to the Word of God, I now see people not for the color of their skin, but as a creation of God.  Granted, I don’t always get that right.  I still find that  I have to fight the urge to be racist at times rather than it never being an issue for me.  But I keep moving forward with God’s grace.


As I sit here are watch the inauguration of Obama, I am overwhelmed with emotion at what all of this means.  I possess a sense of tremendous pride for this country at the progress that we have made in my short 40+ years in life.  This moment is pregnant with POTENTIAL. This day is loaded for bear with history.  What a great time it is to be a spectator of history in the making.

I don’t know what this administration’s policy will hold, but what I do know is that four years from today, we will be a people with more HOPE.  We will be a nation with more UNITY as lines of race continue to diminsh.  We will be a culture that sees color less and character more.