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.::Youth Talk: Dr. Lee Camp

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Today our podcast features Dr. Lee Camp talking about his new book, Who is My Enemy? : Questions Christian Must Face about Islam and Themselves and what this has to do with youth ministry.  Running Time about 10 minutes.

NEXT EPISODE:  Dr. Kenda Dean talks about her latest book, Almost Christian, and what the findings from the National Study of Youth and Religion has to do with youth ministry.

Lee Camp-Who Is My Enemy


.::Teaching THE Story

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We invite you to bring your team to Nashville, TN on Thursday, March 1st, 2012 to join Youth Ministry Leaders from all over the Southeast who will gather at Lipscomb University to learn, train and think about “The Three Stories of Youth Ministry.”

One of our featured speakers will be Michael Novelli, author of “Shaped By The Story.”  Michael will teach and train your team through HOW to teach the Bible narratively in a way that will ENGAGE your students with the Story of God.  He will give you dozens of practical ideas that will help your students not only LEARN the Story of God, but be able to EXPERIENCE it, KNOW it, TELL it and SEE THEMSELVES in it.

After ten years in youth ministry, Michael Novelli felt like he had tried everything to help his students connect with the Bible. Then, a missionary introduced him to a unique, ancient way to engage people with the Bible through story. Michael learned the art of “Storying,” a sequential telling of Bible stories followed by a time of creative retelling and in-depth dialogue. God used this process to completely transform his youth group as they found themselves experiencing God in a whole new way. For several years Michael has been developing narratives and training to help others discover the art of “Storying,” a dialogical approach to Bible learning.

CLICK HERE for more info and to register your team now.

.::Youth Talk: Dr. David Fraze

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Today our podcast features Dr. David Fraze, the director of student ministries at The Hills Church of Christ in Richland hills,TX.  Dr. Fraze discusses how they are incorporating sticky faith concepts into their programming.

David Fraze-Sticky Faith

NEXT EPISODE:  Dr. Lee Camp will talk about his new book, Who is My Enemy? : Questions Christian Must Face about Islam and Themselves and what this has to do with youth ministry.

.::Youth Talk: Dr. Kara Powell

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Today we launch our regular Podcast where we feature youth ministry leaders from all over the country talking about relevant issues related to youth ministry.  Our first episode is from Dr. Kara Powell, the director of the Fuller Youth Institute.  She discusses her ground breaking research from “Sticky Faith.”

Kara Powell-Sticky Faith

NEXT EPISODE:  Dr. David Fraze discusses how to implement “Sticky Faith” into your youth program.

.::Recruit a Lipscomb Student for Your Summer Internship

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Join us for the Lipscomb University

Youth Ministry Intern Recruiting Event.

Now is the time to register!  Student sign-ups begin soon.  As you register, an interview sheet will be available in our office.  Register now so your sign-up sheet will be available from the moment the rush to sign up begins.

REGISTRATION for this event is required.

Join us for a day of recruiting and fellowship on the LU campus.
This event will allow you to meet candidates interested in youth and children’s ministry internships.
Date: December 6th
Time: First interview begins at 1:30 p.m. The event will last until 4:30 p.m.
Where: Hall of Fame Room immediately following Youth Ministry luncheon with Steve Davidson

Event format is similar to “speed interviewing”. Before the 6th, students will sign up for interview slots with the churches that interest them. You will arrive on the 6th to an interview table for your congregation.  You will interview candidates during the 3 hour event.  Interview slots will be a standard 20 minutes with 5 minutes between so students can find the table for their interview during the following time slot.

CLICK HERE to register your church.

We’re proud of our students and look forward to working with you as you’re introduced to them!
The Career Development Staff

.::LIPSCOMB STUDENTS: Be a Youth Ministry Intern

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  • Don’t know what you want to do with your summer?
  • Want to make an impact in the lives of young people?
  • Want to have a ton of fun?
  • What to have your life changed in immeasurable ways?

Then a YOUTH MINISTRY INTERNSHIP may be for you.

I want you to consider serving this next summer being a youth ministry intern for a local church. This is a GREAT way to spend your summer and make a difference in the kingdom of God.

ON Tuesday, December 6th, Lipscomb University’s College of Bible & Ministry is hosting a Summer Youth Ministry Intern Fair where you can where you can interview with over 15 different churches from all over the Southeast. These internships come with a weekly salary (Usually around $300-$500/week) and include housing and expenses. There are a number of internships for both males and females.

1. Let Dr. Surdacki Know Send a quick e-mail so I have you on my radar. (
1. PRAY ABOUT IT: Don‘t think this is for you? I challenge you to pray about it first… God might change your mind.
2. Get a resume together: Go to the Career Development Center and let them help you put together a resume between NOW and the end of the T-giving break.
3. TELL A FRIEND: You probably have a friend who might want to do something like this too…please forward this e-mail to them NOW.
4. RSVP on the Facebook Event Page: Go to This way you’ll get the most up to date info.
5. SIGN UP FOR INTERVIEW SLOTS: AFTER the T-giving break, go by Career Development Center and sign up for the churches you want to interview with.

Summer Intern Fair
Tuesday December 6th
Hall of Fame Room Allen Arena


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Picture 2


An event for Youth Ministers, Youth Workers, Volunteers, Elders, and Church Leaders

Tuesday, October 13th 10:00am-3:30pm

Lipscomb University • Ezell Building • Swang Chapel

It has been said the only thing in life that is constant is change. This is especially true in an economic turndown. Whether you’re managing costs or leading a church, change pushes us beyond what’s comfortable

All change, at root, requires people to behave differently: members of your church need to reach out more enthusiastically to visitors, a shy child needs to become more outgoing, an employee on a production line needs to start looking for ways to save costs. Yet changing behavior is hard, as evidenced by anyone who’s ever tried to start an exercise program or train a teenager. This session will present a framework for changing how people act, even in the toughest circumstances.

We’ll see case studies that include a man who helped solve the malnutrition problem in the poorest of poor Vietnamese villages (without a budget for food), an entrepreneur running a boring technical services business who turned his employees into customer service zealots, a short intervention that reversed the decline in math scores among junior high students at an academically underperforming middle school, and a simple method that dramatically increased food drive donations among a population that had been specially nominated as least likely to donate.

What you will get:

• Get ideas about how to solve problems you face in working with adolescents.
• An understanding of the basic pattern by which change happens in a person.
• Know how to overcome inertia or status quo bias to initiate change.
• Find out how to insulate people against inevitable setbacks.
• A copy of the best-selling book, “Made To Stick”
• Catered Lunch
• All Seminar Materials

headChip Heath has experience serving as a youth ministry volunteer at the Campbell Church of Christ where he is an active member. Chip is the coauthor of the forthcoming book, Switch: How to Change Things when Change is Hard and the best-selling book, Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die. He currently serves as a Professor of Organizational Behavior in the Stanford Graduate School of Business. His research examines why certain ideas – ranging from urban legends to folk medical cures, from Chicken Soup for the Soul stories to business strategy myths — survive and prosper in the social marketplace of ideas.


You can register online using a credit card at: or you can pay with cash or check and mail those to:

Walter Surdacki
Dept of Bible & Ministry
Lipscomb University
One University Park Dr.
Nashville, TN 37204

For more information on the event you can go to: