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.::Holy Saturday

Posted in church, Theology with tags , , , , on April 11, 2009 by Walter
Today is the day some churches call “Holy Saturday.”  It is the day between the Crucifixion of Jesus and His Resurrection.  It is a day where the Cross is Empty and the Tomb is Full.  Can you imagine how depressing of a day that must have been?  If you were one of the apostles, did you really anticipate what was going to happen the next day?  Did you really expect an empty tomb?  My guess is that many of the apostles walked around this day in a complete and utter daze.  Wondering what the past three years were all about.  Forgetting all the foreshadowing that Jesus used to allude to His death and resurrection.  Unable to put all the dots together and realize that tomorrow was going to be one of the most amazing days, if not the most amazing day in history.

The wind was probably totally knocked out of their sails.

As they walked by the Empty Cross, what kind of feelings welled up in their hearts?

Did they get angry?




They must have felt some sort of betrayal or completely tricked by Jesus as they looked at the tomb that was sealed shut along with all their hopes and dreams.  Feeling like a fool to ever believe this guy from Nazareth.  “How could I be so stupid?” they might have said to themselves.

Was is a cloudy, dark depressing day?  That day when no one was completely sure of what the next day had in store for the World?

Or perhaps, maybe a few of them remembered the words of Jesus where he said he was the “Resurrection” and the “Life.”   And they just couldn’t wait until tomorrow.

Imagine what life was like the day between the Crucifixion and the confirmation of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday.  What would have gone through your mind?


.::Good Friday

Posted in church, Life, Teaching, Theology with tags , , , , on April 10, 2009 by Walter
Today is Good Friday, the day that is traditionally set aside to recognize the Crucifixion of Jesus.  The day that Jesus suffered and died on a Cross for all of humanity.  One could argue that Good Friday is the darkest day in history.  The day when Jesus selflessly gave his life for all humanity.  Here are a few of the things that I have been thinking about today:

SUFFERING: Can you imagine what kind of pain you have to endure in a Crucifixion?  Hanging by nails pierced through your wrists and ankles in the hot sun of the day?  Can you imagine not being able to wipe your brow, scratch and itch as well as the sheer agony that you would be feeling in your arms and legs?  Having to struggle for every breath you take, eventually suffocating to death?  Not only having to suffer physically, but spiritually knowing that your father had abandoned you and forsaken you?  That had to be brutal.

SHAME:  It is one thing to suffer such a painful death.  But before the crucifixion, Jesus suffered humiliation.  A mock trial in front of the whole town.  Having to endure and hear all sorts of insults hurled at him.  Being spit on.  Being deserted by his friends.  Having to see the face of disappointment and agony on your mother as she sees you hanging from that tree.  Such shame to suffer for an innocent man.

SELFLESS LOVE: For God so LOVED the world is what John 3:16 reminds us.  How can you fathom such selfless love that you would suffer for EVERYONE who would be born.  For those who would follow after you and for those who would deny you.  Jesus died for EVERYONE.  He died for George Washington as well as Adolf Hitler.  He died for Mother Teresa as well as Osama Bin Laden.  It is so difficult to imagine such selfless love.

If you really think about it the title, “Good Friday” is somewhat ironic.  There isn’t much Good in what Jesus had to go through.  Yet fthe fact that He did go through it is purely Good.  So that is part of what Good Friday is all about.  Suffering, Shame and Selfless Love.  Praise God that His love is that far reaching.  May we not take this day for granted.