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Charlie Brown For Sale . . . Good Greif!

Posted in Life with tags , , on December 10, 2008 by Walter

 As Amy and I were thumbing through the Sunday Paper, I came across an ad for a replica of the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.  You know that pathetic little, scrawny twig that posed as a tree in the infamous Holiday TV Special.  I had to ask myself, “How much further will the consumerism go?”

The irony of it is that in the actual TV show, when Charlie Brown realizes the TRUE meaning of Christmas (See Luke 2) and understands how caught up he got in the rat race of the season, he find true JOY in the peace that comes through this baby born in a manger and you see it in his demeanor.  A smile beams across his big round bald head and the short-torsoed, stubby bodied little runt of a kid begins to skip!

When was the last time you began to smile and skip at the good news?  PErhaps, this Christmas we might all do well by stopping and asking ourselves, “Are wegetting caught up in the madness and forgetting the “Glad tidings of great joy” that the angels brought us?

Oh and that tree . . . they are asking $10-$15 for it.

Good Greif!