.::Who is this guy?

Dr. Walter Surdacki is a professor of youth ministry and the director of the Center for Student Ministry at Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN.  He areas of specialty include  youth ministry, spiritual formations of adolescents, adolescent culture and practical theology.  He has served in full time ministry for over 16 years working at the Torrance, Malibu and Campbell Church of Christ.

He is a regular speaker and teacher at events all over the country and internationally.  He has degrees from Pepperdine University (M.S. in Ministry), Fuller Seminary (MDiv and DMin) and is currently working on a conflict management Masters at Lipscomb University.  He has also published a number of articles for popular ministry magazines.  He currently volunteers with the youth ministry at the Otter Creek Church where his daughters are in the youth group.

Walter and his wife, Amy, have two daughters, Madeline and Abby.  Walter loves to travel, cook, snowboard, read, write, ride roller coasters, watching the leaves turn color, cycling, teaching, U2, dark comedy, wry humor, theology, computers, design, and thinking.



8 Responses to “.::Who is this guy?”

  1. hey buddy… would the simply christian book be good for a ‘ground zero’ friend? i have a friend that has zero background but tons of great questions. it has been a fun journey with him but i am looking for a good book for him to read. is this the one or do you know of another?

  2. Walter! Nice blog bro! Keep thinking, growing and challenging others for life in the Kingdom. It’s great to see an old guy like you still staying fresh–like a tree planted by streams of water–keep growing in Christ bro! bw

  3. Michael McGaughey Says:

    I am excited about this, Walter. It will be a great addition to your ministry, I am sure. God is gracious. Who is like God?

  4. Just wanted to say “Howdy! Youbetcha!” (MN, TN)

  5. Randy Crawley, Jr. Says:

    Nice site Doc

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