My Brief History with MITS

IMG_1918This past month I had the blessing to working with Made in the Streets Ministry again with my entire family.  I have had the rich blessing of knowing about MITS before it was even born. Amy and I were in a Bible study with Charles and Darlene’s daughter when one night she said, “I am freaking out because my parents are thinking of moving to Africa!”

Well Charles & Darlene DID move to Africa to work with KCITI, a technical school in the Eastleigh neighborhood of Nairobi. While working there, they noticed all these street kids around the school and God put on their hearts to start working with these needy souls that everyone else had seemed to have forgotten.

That was almost twenty years ago when they first opened the doors to hundreds of street kids hungry for food, friendship and the gospel.

God undoubtedly had something in mind when I met Amy just AFTER she had spent a year in Kenya. It wouldn’t be for another four months when we would first go out on a date and she told me story after story of what life and ministry was like in Kenya. I could not wait to go to see what she was talking about.  A seed for Kenya had been planted in my heart…

Then God took us to the Campbell Church where Garry and Gini Bortz were sent to spend a month in Eastleigh to help equip Charles and Darlene with tools to effectively minister to the hundreds of street kids that God was bringing to them on a regular basis. From that we continued to hear story after story of what God was doing with the Made in the Streets Ministry.

The Campbell Church would be the church that built the learning center, equip it with a woodworking classroom, and build a playground for the community in Kamulu.  It would not be until 2006 that I would finally have the opportunity to travel to Nairobi and see Made in the Streets firsthand.

Fast forward to July 2014 and this is where my most recent chapter with MITS has been written.  From August of 1995 till today, my life has been changed by the people and the ministry that is happening at MITS.  Made In The Street will celebrate 20 years since its first official event next August.  In the past 19 years God has done tremendous and amazing things for the street kids of Nairobi.  If you are unfamiliar with what MITS is and what it is doing, I highly encourage you to learn more about it and see how you can help with their ministry.


  • MITS is TRULY saving lives.  Walking the streets of Eastleigh, you can see first hand how fragile life is.
  • God has placed some of the most faithful, gracious, selfless, generous and love-filled people to work at MITS.
  • There is REAL life change happening at MITS as they take glue-addicted, homeless teens, love them and educate them with vital life skills and most importantly, sharing the Gospel of Jesus with them.
  • We cannot measure the generational effect that MITS will have caused.  Just think about how many lives in the future will be changed as these students and staff of MITS have their own children, and their children have children.  What kind of exponential change will have been caused through the saving of these lives?

Well, that is enough for today, I will write more on this in the weeks to come…

Please learn more about Made In The Streets by going to


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