.::You ARE Invited!

We invite you to bring your team to Nashville, TN on Thursday, March 1st, 2012 to join Youth Ministry Leaders from all over the Southeast who will gather at Lipscomb University to learn, train and think about “The Three Stories of Youth Ministry.”

I want to personally invite you to this year’s “3 Stories of Youth Ministry” event we are offering here at Lipscomb.  This year’s conference is going to be a TREMENDOUS opportunity for you and your team to really dive into the story of God.

Here is a bit of what we will be doing in each of our main sessions:

Teaching THE Story of God
–Michael Novelli, author of Shaped by the Story & Enter the Story, has developed an engaging, imaginative, interactive and creative way to involve your students WITH and IN The Story of God.  Michael will take you through how and why to teach the Bible narratively and leave you with a fascinating way to teach your students the larger story of God’s redemptive work through Jesus.

MY Story with God-
-Rachel Held Evans, author of Evolving in Monkeytown will take us through the importance of our own stories and they way we read and interpret scripture.  She will delve into that how and why our own story affects what we choose to see and not see when we approach Scripture.  How might our family, our upbringing, our own experiences could what we want to know as truth and what we think is truth?
OUR Story with God--David Hutchens, author of A Slice of Trust, will guide us through the culture and climate that is created by our ministry’s history and values.  David is an expert in helping organizations determine their corporate story and he will help guide your team to look at how your vision, values and identity affect your ministry as well as get you on the way to articulating a bigger and better story for your ministry and church.
So won’t you join us?
CLICK HERE to register now!  For every three people from the same ministry the fourth comes free!  Early Discounted Registration Rate ends on February 1st. Scholarship are available, simply e-mail Walter Surdacki (walter.surdacki@lipscomb.edu) to request one.

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