.::A Lexus Rant

This is the time of year where the luxury automobile manufacturers inundate us with those commercials where the dutiful spouse surprises their loved one with a $75,000 automobile.

In the words of Keyshawn Johnson, “C’Mon Man!”

Who really does this?!?!

Not only that, but it makes me feel emasculated for whatever gift I did get my wife.

Honda has started a counter campaign which has taken this idea EVEN LOWER (as if that was possible) Where they are encouraging you to buy a car for YOURSELF?!?!?!?  So instead of encouraging people to be grossly generous, Honda is calling us to be overwhelmingly SELFISH!

Gah! (proceed with ripping hair out . . . oh yeah, I don’t have any)

How can a regular Joe like me EVER do something like that?

The point is, I probably never could, NOR would I.

If I could spend $75,000 on something for someone for Christmas, I would be to build another housing complex for Made In The Streets in Nairobi, Kenya or to build wells through Living Water for those without clean water all over the world, or to combat child prostitution and slavery by sponsoring dozens of kids through the International Justice Mission.

Now here is the GREAT thing.  I don’t have to have $75,000 to do something like this.  If you have $10 you can make a difference through any of these organizations or hundreds of other organizations that reach out to the needs of the poor, orphaned, enslaved, disenfranchised.

One of the best gifts I ever got was a gift given in my name by a good friend of mine.  This was a gift of the lesson of generosity that I so desperately needed to learn.

A gift given to someone else in my name.

A gift that says, “Walter you have plenty of stuff . . . share with others.”

A gift that still sticks with me to this very day.

A gift I will probably never forget.

Try to put a ginormous bow on something like that!

Compete with that Lexus, Mercedes and Honda. . .

“For unto us a Child is Born. . .”


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