.::Ma and Pa God

“Proverbs is like a father to me and Psalms is like a Mother”

–Terry Smith

Terry Smith, a minister here in Nashville shared this brilliant observation of Scripture with my students in the  “Introduction to Ministry” course that I teach this Spring.  What brilliance.  I picture the strong hand of a Father balanced with the nurturing soul of a Mother.  In my family, my wife does all she can to protect our daughters while I play the role of getting them to try new things, attempt risky activities and push their limits.  She bandages, I tell them to rub some dirt on it.  One is not better than the other–both are needed.

Donald Miller talks about a “God who Fathers us” when referring to the God of the Bible.  I think Miller would agree with Smith here.  I prefer to say, “God is parenting us.”  What a great balance this picture gives us. Pushing, challengeing, disciplining blanaced with nurtuting, caring, protecting.

Both are doing so under the banner of love.

Both are looking out for the best interests of the child.

Both want their child to grow.

Both are parenting.


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