.::Dress Socks

I have never cared for dress socks. I am a regular, athletic, white sock kind of guy. I like to wear thick heavy socks that you KNOW that you are wearing on your feet. The problem with dress socks for me is that they don’t even feel like REAL socks. They don’t feel NORMAL to me. So instead of buying dress socks, I buy dark colored athletic socks and fake it . . . so to speak.

I don’t know what kind of spiritual year you are having. Maybe things don’t feel “normal” for you, like when I am wearing dress socks. Maybe something feels off for you this season. What might be causing that in your faith?

Maybe you are having a great spiritual year/season right now. You are wearing your regular socks and thing feel RIGHT for you. What are the things that God has been doing in your life that have helped you get to this place? How can you maintain this spirit in your walk?

Socks…maybe they can be spiritual.


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