.::One National Chill Pill Please . . .

I usually wouldn’t use this space for political rants, but what I see happening this week in education really bothers me.  President Obama is going to address the nation’s students directly in a speech that is going to be broadcast where he is going to encourage them to take personal responsibility, work hard and stay in school. However, this is has been proving to be a touch point for partisan politics where parents have been calling and threatening administrators to not show this speech and take up “valuable” class time.
My wife teaches at a public school in the history department as was told that she is not to show it without having a lesson plan detailing how she will use the speech in class.  (After all, the fact that a presidential address being of historical value isn’t enough to warrant showing, that one has to design a lesson plan around it?)
So here are my two cents:

  • I don’t care who you voted for, doesn’t it make sense to support our president?  Don’t we want to ENCOURAGE good citizenship from our students?
  • Can’t we leave partisan politics to “grown ups?”
  • Even if you didn’t vote for Obama, or agree with his policy, doesn’t a good education teach you how to discern and articulate WHY you don’t agree with a differing viewpoint?
  • Are such ideas such as “personal responsibility, hard work and staying in school” so DIVISIVE that we wouldn’t want impressionable young minds to heed such advice?
  • Is there no room for free speech in schools, especially when it is the President of the United States?
  • Will we ever have a time when the nation can unite behind a leader that doesn’t involve a national tragedy such as Pearl Harbor or 9/11?
  • Yeah, I’d rather have my kids in a pep rally, rather than being indoctrinated for an hour to work hard, stay in school and take responsibility because they get so much of that already.
  • Q:  What really do we have to fear from our kids being encouraged to step up and be great?  [A:  That they may actually step up, study, work hard and take our jobs?]

If anything merits our need to take a chill pill, perhaps this does . . .


2 Responses to “.::One National Chill Pill Please . . .”

  1. I soooo- agree! Thank you, Walter!

  2. Yes thank you, Walter
    I didn’t vote for Obama, and I am not for the current version of the health care bill. But he is president, and I have heard nothing about the proposed speech that makes me think it will indoctrinate anyone. In fact, I am surprised that we would be so concerned that a single speech to will influence young people to suddenly rise up and rebel against the ideologies of their parents. Poor parenting is much more proven factor for that.
    But I digress.

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