.::Classroom Joy

There are these moments that a teacher gets to share with their students that are magical. The electricity that fills the room when there is this connection between the student, teacher and subject. It is a comradarie of knowledge that intersects forming something beautiful and exciting.  It is this tremendous symphony when all three parties (teacher, student, subject) are in perfect harmony united together.  The teacher isn’t dominating with his or her downloading of the subject.  The students aren’t draining the process with their apathy or distractions.  The subject isn’t confounding the discussion with its insistence to confuse the other parties.

There is this hunger and thirst for Truth that emerges and is not satisfied until all the rocks of knowledge are overturned and discussion and argument, interrogation and wonder are exhausted.

It is those moments when ENGAGEMENT between these three are fully intertwined: student, subject, teacher.  Time is not an element.  Students (and teacher for that matter) do not check the clock on the wall to see how much longer is left in class.

These moments are GIFTS of God.  It are those times that feed the soul of teacher and student that affirm the process of education.

These moments are Transcendent–They usher us into a subatomic-sized part of God’s mind when we stand face-to-face with Truth and all the wonder and beauty that are inherent in such a discovery.  They are holy . . . set apart.

These are the moments students and teacher live between–energized from the endorphin rush that such discovery of Truth provides and journeying towards the hope of more discovery and moments like these.

This place is joy.


One Response to “.::Classroom Joy”

  1. You’re welcome for all those moments. I’m sorry I don’t have you for class this semester though. I know this blog comes out of a tough moment of you missing me being a student in one of your classes. Best wishes.

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