Okay, I have to start with something that sounds really, really terrible, but I feel I have to blog about it. Now with that disclaimer out of the way, I remember dating a girl in college who after about a week or two into the relationship I realized she had a really “small” life. What I mean is that she had little ambition, no desire to travel, no real career goals, didn’t care for school, wanted to stay in College Station, and the list continued.
Granted, I didn’t have in mind what I really wanted to do with my life, but I did have Goals that I wanted to accomplish, I had Dreams that I wanted to see come to fruition and if I continued with this relationship, I felt that I would have been held back by this girl.
Now I do need to say, she was a really nice girl, it just wasn’t a good match for how I was wired.
But here is the deal, as I start another semester training and equipping men and women for the vocation of youth ministry, one of my prayers is that THEY would have Dreams and Goals for their own lives that are BIG. Dreams that take them to places with God that are new, exciting, little traveled, and even unpopular.  Now I don’t mean literal places like New Jersey; but places like sacrifice, solitude, simplicity and celebration.  Places the dig DEEP into their souls as they in turn try to help others dig deep into their souls and quarry a depth of faith and character that is lasting and significant.

However, I also hope that they would have BIG dreams and Goals for the ministry that God calls them to.  I hope they don’t settle for the small lives that many of those who come to church or even lead our churches are satisfied with.

  • I hope they have BIG dreams that take their students to the inner city and develop an everlasting compassion for the poor and disenfranchised of their world.
  • May they NOT be ear ticklers in their classes and their lessons, but that they might be prophetic in their words calling the church to a higher level of commitment and passion.
  • May their passion for teaching, reaching, serving, caring, loving be always increasing as they are serving on the front lines of God’s kingdom.
  • May they not be satisfied with the small dreams and tiny program that are mediocre and instead, join long with God and be part of something GINORMOUS and TREMENDOUS.
  • I hope they have big dreams that inculcate a love for the lost in their young people that God would put into their lives that SHOW the love of Christ before they even begin to talk about the gospel of Jesus.
  • May they NOT be dragged down by the small or even nonexistent vision that exists in many churches, but keep their eyes fixed on Jesus.

I have been saying on Facebook the past few weeks that “Lipscomb is where it is at.”  I believe it.  God is doing something incredible here with the faculty and our student body.  I am so impressed with the dedication and devotion of our ministry majors here.  I feel such a kindred spirit with them as they in turn desire to serve God through ministry.  Here is to a new year of hopefully doing something BIG.


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