.::Family :(

My family is at camp this week. I had to stay behind to teach at class at this year’s Summer Celebration.  The new rhythm of the academic life has spoiled me.  I have more time with my girls than I ever dreamed of having.  So for me to go without them for a week is really, really difficult on my soul.  As I rattle around my house I  miss the sounds of those feet running around or Amy typing on her computer, Madeline asking me what she can eat 15 times a day or Abby getting lost in the pages of a book and not getting out of her pjs till 3:00 in the afternoon, the list goes on and on.

Even during those difficult times of family life, I so underestimate the nurturing my soul gains from these precious people God places in my life.  The way that I am so fed spiritually even if they are fighting, annoying, bothersome at times.

Even shopping for groceries is a sad and pathetic task as I am only cooking for one instead of four.  I wander aimlessly around Krogers wondering what can I put in my basket so the checkout person doesn’t have pity on me.  I miss the family dinner time where we gather around our little kitchen table and share what went on in our day.  I yearn to hear what happened in their day at camp, but know that I will have to settle for an abridged version when they return.

Sure I can watch three episodes of “Ice Road Truckers” in a row while munching on a bag of potato chips if I want to without any complaints from those with estrogen streaming through their veins.  Yeah, I can have Hot Wings for dinner without anyone whining that they don’t like hot wings.  But its so lonely . . .

That is one of the things that makes life in the faith so wonderful and interesting, that we have all these people we get to share life with together.  My church family is such an encouragement if I ever feel too lonely; however, most of them are up at camp this week too.  Nevertheless I think about how my church family nurtures my soul:

  • the diversity of thought and experience constantly amazes me how diverse and interesting God is.
  • there is nothing like a church potluck or any type of shared meal to catch up on one another’s life or to begin a new friendship.
  • even in the midst of conflict and disagreement in a church, I have always walked away with a better understanding of how important and vital diversity of thought is in a faith community.
  • seeing faith lived out on someone else’s skin is so encouraging and educational.

So I guess I just have to suck it up and bear with it this week.  I have several different projects that I can dive into without distraction.  I have a syllabus I can start ot craft and get ahead of some of my work.  But I do like those distractions I get from my girls.  Maybe this week is about getting reminded how special my girls are to me.

I miss you Amy, Madeline and Abby.


2 Responses to “.::Family :(”

  1. Paul Bost Says:

    Walter, reading this post, I’m reminded of the Wilco song “Hate it Here.” Check it out.

  2. Paul,
    Thanks for the song. It is salve to my lonely soul. Fortunately I will get to see a lot of old friends this week at Summer Celebration…

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