.::Check Out Rant

Okay everybody, let’s get on the same page.  If you choose to go in the express lane at the store, please:

A. Don’t pay with a check!  It IS  the EXPRESS lane after all!  Geesh!

B.  IF you must pay with a check at least have it filled out while you are waiting in line so all you have to do is fill out the amount when it’s your turn.

C.  Join the 21st Century and get a CHECK CARD for goodness sake!

D.  See item A.

Alright, now that we are on the same page, you can resume your normal activities.


One Response to “.::Check Out Rant”

  1. Remember when you are in the Express Lane most likely:

    A) The cashier’s child is collecting a free lunch at her school because the company she works for does not give her benefits.

    B) That the Chilean ecosystem has been destroyed because your purchase of farm raised salmon.

    C) That companies forced to compete with said company are making products based upon the fact that you will have to replace them in 18 months.

    D) I need to seek counseling!

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