.::EXPLORE Tomorrow!

Tomorrow, Lipscomb University is hosting, “EXPLORE: An Alternative Forum on Youth Ministry.”  I am excited to get to share one of my best friends in ministry and a great thinker with this community.  Steve Argue and our many conversations regarding the place and direction of youth ministry has really shaped my theology in rich and powerful ways.  My hope is that this conversation continues with the 50+ youth workers and 50+ students who are going to be here tomorrow.  Here is a sneak peek at where we will be journeying together:

Steve will be taking us through three different movements of thought starting with “Theological Fuel,” where he will give us ta theological foundation to ponder regarding the “How and Why” of youth ministry.

We will then move on to “Contextual Interpretation” where we will look at spiritual formation as it relates to adolescents and the way we have structured youth group.

He will finish up with “Transformative Commitment” where we will dive in to missional youth ministry and the “What? and Where?” of missional youth ministry.

We are going to finish the afternoon with a panel discussion featuring four different youth ministers from different backgrounds that will help us “unpack” what was said and interpret it in their own contexts.  Hopefully, this will put “skin” on this that we can take with us as we continue to serve in the Kingdom.

My hope and goal for EXPLORE is that we are pushing the theological envelope and asking the difficult and unpopular questions of youth ministry so that we can be Jesus to the world that doesn’t recognize Him.

If you find yourself in Nashville, come on and drop by the chapel in Ezell beginning at noon.  We’d love to have you!

CLICK HERE for more information.


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