.::Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday.  Where I went to church we started with this upbeat, celebrative spirit which caused significant dissonance in my soul.  Here is this scene in the Passion account of Jesus where Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey.  He is declared King by his followers who are shouting “Hosanna!”


We know five days later things are going to be radically different.  This king will now be called a criminal by the same people.  Those who waived palms in honor of him, will soon be tossing insults in his direction and shouting “Crucify Him!”

Their cries of “Peace” will turn in to cries for blood. . .

Palm Sunday is a bittersweet day.

It is bitter because we know Good Friday is about to come.

It is sweet because Easter quickly follows.

Nevertheless, we still have to go through the bitter tragedy of the Cross on this journey.

So it begs the question, “Ought Palm Sunday be celebrative?”  My answer is “No.”  No because the air is thick with the irony of the scene that Luke tells about this entry into Jerusalem.  After all it truly is a “Dead Man Walking” as Jesus enters the city.  There is the irony of a King on a donkey.  The irony of those who are celebrating him will be calling for his life in just a few short days.  I think it is this irony that makes Palm Sunday an integral part of Lent, a season of contemplation and reflection.  Lent is decidedly NOT a season of celebration.

And isn’t it interesting that Jesus is the one weeping in this scene?  Weeping for the people . . .

What a week this was . . . What a week this is . . .



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