.::Facebook Pride

If those of you who use Facebook are honest there is this ruch one gets when we see a beautifully high number of notifications when I check my facebook.  And if we are honest, this is a pride thing. In other words, this is what we believe, “The higher the number=the more people who like me=the better person I am.”

If I am honest.  I beleive this.

But this is wrong.

What makes me know this is wrong is when I do sign on and see a high number and my hopes get really, really high and then I check what people are saying about me, and see it was just some stupid random thread that two people are doing on some obscure photo on someone’s profile that I happen to be tagged in.  And my heart sinks and I beleive that “Nobody likes me.” and I find myself in a lonely place.

The reality is that I didn’t see that I was in a lonely place in the first place.  A *virtually* lonely place.

  • Maybe I just need to be thankful for the face to face interactions that I am blessed with during a day instead of a little white number in a red ball on my screen.
  • Maybe I just need to turn off my monitor and go hug my daughters and play a game of Boggle or Phase 10 with them.
  • Maybe I need to take my eyes off my belly button and look at the wonderful souls that God puts in my path at school, in my neighborhood, at church and build deep, deep relationships in real life, not online.

Don’t get me wrong, I have loved Facebook and the connections that I have made with friends from high school and college, but the realtiy is that those conversations and threads I have had with them hasn’t been REAL REALTIONSHIPS.  Its been renewed acquaintences at best.

I need to be reminded that Facebook is not a substitute for real relationship.  While it may be a vehicle for relationship may begin or renewed, it is not a substitute for real relationships.

I want to take pride in the deep, authentic, transparent relationships that I have in my daily life.  Not the number of Facebook notification I may rack up in a week.

So if you see me navel gazing and my head in the clouds, please get my attention, I am not trying to ignore you, I am not mad at you, I just need to be reminded to live in the real world and not live in the virtual world.


One Response to “.::Facebook Pride”

  1. Helpful reminder, my friend. Thanks.

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