.::Back in the Saddle

I was away last week on Spring Break.  What a wonderful, wonderful thing breaks like that are.  Time to be recharged.  Time to rest and sleep.  Time to read.  Time to make new friends.  Time to just lay on a hammock.

I was blessed to accompany a team of amazing Lipscomb students to Newport, Wales for their spring break campaign.  We worked with a grea their Chrildren’s programming and is really making inroads with the community.  Paul and Casey Halliday are wonderful new friends that I was richly blessed to meet and serve alongside.  You can check out their church at:  http://www.churchofchristwales.org.uk/

There is something so wonderful and powerful about the rhythm of breaks.  Whether it be a three day weekend, a weeklong vacation, or anything that simply gets us out of the noraml rut of life and shakes things up a bit.  Sabbath is good.  It is during those seasons of life where we don’t get Sabbath where God can’t re-create our souls.

I can’t wait to hear the stories from the hundreds of Lipscombs students that went on mission this Spring Break to places like Honduras, Baja, Saba, and more.  Sotries of how God worked through this Sabbath to re-create their souls.  To change them.  To shape them.  To break them and mold them.


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