Who hasn’t wanted to be a Rock and Roll Star at one time or another?  Some of us want to be Bono, out in front garnishing all the attention, others desire to be the lead guitar palyer (The Edge) with the skill and talent to keep the melody moving, others want to play bass(Adam Clayton)  guitar or drums (Larry Mullen Jr.) to keep the timing and provide the real energy to the music. Most of us at one time or another have at least entertained the idea of, “What if that were me?”

As you can tell I went to U2 again last night and I was reminded why I like live concerts and why so many others like live music.  There is something completely communal in attending a concert.  There is a unity and shared experience that exists in the concert hall.  People singing in unison, dancing, and letting themselves go.  Simply put, they are enjoying life in the midst of what they deem as art.  Now you may not prefer U2, I will grant you that, but go to a concert of  one of your favorite bands and you will see what I mean.  There is the fact that you are in the presence of ART.  God by his very nature is creative (see Genesis 1 if you don’t agree), so being in the midst of that which is creative,(in other words art), rings something true in our souls.  Its the smae feeling when you stand in from of a great painting, hear a powerful poem, or see a moving theatrical play.  Art is a powerful part of the human experience and the Christian life.  That is why for so long in Christian tradition, painting, stained glass, and scuplture were such an integral part of theplace of worship.  I think it is because art stirs something deep within us.

There are so many similarities between a live concert and a powerful worship experience.  There is a shared experience with everyone in the room.  There is a sense that something bigger is happening.  There is an automatic feeling of community with the other people in the room. There is a tremendous amount of joy present.

I do not mean to sugggest that you can get your fill of worship at a concert, but I am suggesting that it is possible, and probably probable that you will worship at a concert.  The question is what is it that you are worshipping?  There exists a fine line between worshipping the band and being in the presence of God as you enjoy a concert.

By the way, it way way cool to be three feet away from Bono and The Edge at the last Vertigo tour.