Last night my daughter’s 4th grade class had an exhibition of dances from all around the world.I have to admit that I dragged my feet and wasn’t the most excited about being there . . . until it started.  These kids were EXCITED and JOYFUL about dancing!  Their enthusiasm was infectious.  There was smiles all around as these wonderful students were just so happy to be DANCING!   And the dances themselves were beautiful, I posted one of my favorite ones, the basket dance.  Many of them were folk dances that celebrated the simplicity of daily life.  There was a Japanese dance that detailed working in the coal mines and an Austrian dance that explained climbing a mountain.

What I found really interesting about htese dances was their celebration of daily life.  It was a joyful reminder of the myriad of wonderful things that God gives us in the daily routine of life.  These were the ways past cultures CELEBRATED life.  I have to admit–I don’t dance much.  Literally or figuratively.

I do believe it does feed the soul to dance.

To celebrate the little things around us.

To jump for joy or just boogie a little bit.

To do the hustle

or a little moonwalk

or a tasteful lambada

just to celebrate life.

So “Dance, Dance, Dance the night away!”


2 Responses to “.::Dance”

  1. Love the poem and the song. . .. thanks for the post? I pray you danced with joy today!

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