.::Pleasing Others

I think it is inevitable that many of us (read “me”),  work really, really hard to not disappoint those around us to the point of overexerting ourselves, stretching ourselves too thin, just so we will look good to those around us.

Why is that?

I had a really, really difficult conversation today where I had to say that magic word–“No.”

It was difficult because I have that innate need to not disappoint and to come off looking good. It was difficult because what they were asking me to do is something I actually LIKE doing.  It was difficult because it is really, really nice to be wanted (read between the lines “Pride”)  However, it didn’t matter that what was being asked of me was somewhat unreasonable with an very short time line.

Even though saying “No” meant a lot of good things for me and my family.

Even though saying “No” meant my mental health and sanity.

Even though I preach to my students that longevity in ministry means saying “No” a lot!  It is still hard to take my own medicine.

It sure was this week.

But saying no this person meant saying “YES!” to my wife and daughters and that takes away the sting I am feeling.  That is what matters.


One Response to “.::Pleasing Others”

  1. happytheman Says:

    Thomas a Kempis

    Be not angry that you cannot make others as you wish them to be, since you cannot make yourself as you wish to be.

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