Then you think about the word “Beautiful,” there may be a lot if different images that come to mind. For some of you it is a beautiful landscape or picture of nature. For others it is a memory of a magical time in life. For some it may be a person who have really impacted your life through their character and faith.

My Grandma was a beautiful person. Now if you looked at her, she wasn’t the most attractive person. Actually she was overweight, short, and walked with a waddle. From many people’s perspective, she wouldn’t be one of People Magazine’s 50 most beautiful people in the world. But she was the nicest, kindest, most loving person I have ever known. She was a woman of great faith and took her faith seriously. I remember her taking me to mass when we were on vacation on a Tuesday! Before then, I only thought church was a Sunday thing. Not to mention the fact we were on vacation, I remember asking myself, ‘Who goes to church on vacation?” My grandma did and because of her faith, she impacted my life for God in a way I still remember 30 years later. She was never rich, but always generous. I never got the best gifts from her, but I always felt at home at her place. I have the blessing of preaching at her funeral . . . one of the most difficult things that I have ever done in life.

Beautiful can also be used to describe a moment in time. Ever had a moment when you just stopped and looked at the event you were a part of from a different perspective just to take it all in? Kind of looked at where you were as if you were floating above the scene and just said, “This is just great, this is just beautiful!”

I think Jesus had one of these moments at the Last Supper. A moment when he just stopped and looked at it from above. A time where he looked at all these followers and reflected on how far they have come, how much they have grown up, how much they have learned in the last three years and said to himself, “This is beautiful.”

I imagine God looking at the creation when it was all brand new, watching Adam and Eve discovering themselves and all the new animals with so much joy, and thinking to himself, “This is beautiful.”

What are some of those beautiful moments in your life?