.::Church Sign Evangelism

myspaceDriving home the other day, I saw this sign that says, “Jesus dies for ‘My Space” in heaven.”  Now I have to say I see these signs all over town with similar phrases and sayings.

After choking down a bit of vomit, it just really got my goad.  (Yeah, I said goad . . . I’m old, I can say things like that)  But it made me really begin to think and ask the question, “Who are they trying to reach?”

Are they really trying to get people in the doors with this watered-down, trite theology that really doesn’t mirror reality?

I’d love to see the statistics about the number of people in a church that are there because of the saying that they read on the church sign.

Is this really the best way for us to teach and show the gospel?

What if?

What if these signs started saying things like:

  • “come and help us serve the poor this Wednesday “
  • “need hope?  find a community of faith”
  • “How can we help?  Call us and let us know at 615-555-1212”

What if these signs got more empowering and less convicting of people?

What if these signs were more inviting and less offensive to the general populous?

What if these signs were hopeful and not trite?


One Response to “.::Church Sign Evangelism”

  1. ….. yep.

    I totally agree with your point.

    oh… and, goad.

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