.::Birthday Reprint

Here is a repost from a few years ago since today is my birthday:

Today I turn 39 . . . really.  I am not turning 40 and telling everyone I am 39.  I really am 39.  As I reflect on entering my last year of my 30s and beginning to approach my 40s, here are some of the questions that run through my head and other brain droppings that I wanted to share with you:

Have I been a good steward of my 14,245 days that I have been given thus far?

How many more days will God give me? 1? 365? 12,434? or more?  What do those days have in store for me?

I was born on a Wednesday and today is Wednesday, that’s weird.

I was born again 6,969 days ago.  It was a cold Sunday night in College Station, Texas that I was baptized.  I had to go to work at Fuddruckers later that evening.  I was never so happy mopping a floor as I was that night.

Being a husband and a dad is probably the second and third greatest things of my 39 years after my number one choice to follow Jesus with my whole life. Without those three things, my life would be meaningless.  Jesus, Amy, Madeline and Abby have filled my life with more joy that one man ought to get to enjoy!

I have been in full-time youth ministry for 5,004 days. How many retreats, camps, lock-ins, bible studies, prayer breakfasts, mission trips, service projects, that that equate to?  Probably the more important question to be asking is, “How many lives does that mean?”  My answer is, “Not enough.”

My hope is that the next 13 years a filled with MORE impact on the WORLD in the name of God. MORE poverty eradicated, more needs in Africa met, MORE Invisible Children cared for, more wells build in remote villages, MORE people with AIDS receiving the needed care, MORE girls freed from the bondage of sexual slavery, MORE students who KNOW, really KNOW about Jesus, MORE grace distributed by students in my ministry, MORE justice realized in the world, because of my life.

One thing that I do know is that I don’t need more THINGS. I need more friends, more memories with people, less things that plug in and more connection times with family, friends and others.  Relationships and friendships are what really make this life a lot of fun.

If I can laugh at least half as much these next few years as I have the past few years I will count myself a fortunate man.

Youth ministry has been the best things for my personality type
.  I GET PAID to study the Bible, teach others about God’s grace, go to camp, play at Great America and Waterworld, serve homeless people, produce an podcast with some hilarious talent, take some great road trips, as part of my job!  I would be doing this for free if I could.  God is good. . . all the time!

I love being bald.
I know there are some people who fight it off with Rogaine and other things like that.  I have really enjoyed being bald.  No more shampoo, gel, conditioner, hat hair, tangles, etc. to mess with.  Just a razor and a bar of soap is all I need to get my dome ready in the morning.  Make fun of me all you want, my response is that hair is over rated.

The church has been a second family to me and an immeasurable blessing.

I’d be NOTHING without the GRACE of GOD.


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