.::The Echo Within

trashYesterday I received and read “The Echo Within: Finding Your True Calling” by Robert Benson.  I devoured in in about an hour and a half.  Its an easy read and an insightful journey that take the reader through various steps of discerning and reflecting upon Calling in one’s life.  I am going to be requiring it of one of my ministry courses next year as we talk a lot about calling and ministry.

He reflects upon thos who poured into him and impacted his journey in such a way that it affected the course of his walk.  Encouragements, lines, phrases that stuck with him.  He reflects:

“The people who said them never remember they said them.  Whenever I tried to thank them, they invariably replied, ‘I said that?’

Most sentence are ordinary.  And not one of them was said to me while I was talking to these people about vocation or calling.  In some cases the meeting itself was an accident.  In others it was one brief encounter, a few moments that changed the life I have lived from that moment on.”

I think about those lines and those poeple in my life that drew me to my vocation of ministry.

  • Father Ed from  Christ the Good Shpeherd Catholic Community who never spoke to me personally about vocation, but SHOWED me a life filled with JOY as he served God faithfully.  He was a man who took his calling seriously, and yet ENJOYED it so much.
  • Bob Davidson who one Sunday night in his office and “nudged” me forward in my walk and said “You just have to do it.” He was right.  And that night I gave my life to Jesus and he baptized me.
  • Guys like Jim Reese, Phil Ware, James Thompson, Dan Anders, . . . there are just so many to list that nudged me in their own way, whether through word or example drew me towards ministry.  For that I am eternally thankful.  Most of them never knew the impact they had on my soul.

How great it is to be surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses as I see leaders all around me who live out their faith in true authentic ways.

May we be a community of faith that is drawing people towards the service and ministry that God “wired” them for.  We we hear those still small voices of Yahweh drawing us closer to the vocation, the holy wpro he is calling us towards . . . whether that be youth minsitry, preaching, accounting, motherhood, graphic design, serving the homeless, taking in a foster child, construction . . .


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