.::Spiritualizing This Steroid Thing

So A-Rod admitted to using sterioids AFTER he got caught.

Great.  Feh…

Here is my deal with the rhetoric that is going around.  Should the other 103 guys names be let out or not?  People have been talking about how it isn’t fair to them, the players union, MLB, etc.  Others have been saying that the fans have a right to know.  Others have said that the names will probably trickle out eventually.

I believe there are some very powerful spiritual issues at play here that would serve everyone well if they heeded them.  Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a huge fan of MLB by any means, I am merely an observer of this situation and a commentator.  So here is what I think–for what it’s worth.

Baseball is going to die a slow painful death because of the secrecy involved here. Unless things get above the counter, more and more people are going to stop trusting the numbers that guys are putting up.  Baseball is more about the numbers, the statistics than the actual sport itself.  If a guy can’t trust the the RBIs, HRs, and ERA weren’t earned with integrity, then why follow the numbers?  There is also a spiritual lesson to be learned through this secrecy and hiding of facts and infractions.  I have contended that there is no need for secrecy if you aren’t doing anything wrong. We know how hidden sin just destroys the individual.  Cover-ups never stay covered up.  The Bible reminds us that everything hidden will be revealed.  Everybody know steroid use is rampant in baseball, but those who are innocent are getting hurt by those who are guilty.

Forgiveness is available. I think people easily forget someone’s wrongs when they are up front and confess to their sins.  The problem is that when people lie, and lie and lie and THEN get caught like A-rod and Clemens, then forgiveness is much more difficult to disburse.  Let us just let the truth come out.  Let those who have fallen confess.  Let the community of baseball forgive and let us move on.  Forgiveness lets us move on and move forward.

Baseball is a monopoly and we are the consumers. The main problem here is that baseball is a monopoly that is afforded all sorts of special protections by congress.  If there were a free market and competition by other leagues, then let MLB fall to the wayside because the consumer will jump ship and consume a product they can trust.  But they can’t.  There isn’t an alternative product.  Therefore, MLB and Congress are obligated to ensure the product they are putting on the field is above board and pure so that the consumer can trust the product they are purchasing.  People want a fair deal for what they are purchasing.  The prophet Amos talks about this when the merchant were using dishonest scales to cheat the public.  I believe hiding sterioid use is a means of fixing the scales to tip in favor of MLB.


2 Responses to “.::Spiritualizing This Steroid Thing”

  1. There was a poll on espn in regards who is to blame. it’s easy to place blame. I personally would love to see the owners take some blame. they knew it was going on, yet is was putting money in their pockets and they turned a blind eye much like ENRON & much like, well I stop there.

  2. as much as i love the game, watching mlb these days is a little bit like watching your favorite uncle slowly drink himself to death.

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