aloneIn yesterday’s sermon, Lee Camp referenced the following quote from Bonhoeffer:

When you are alone in your sin, then you are truly alone.”

I believe that is one of the reasons *silence* frightens us.

It is in silence that we have to listen…listen to our souls.

It is in slience that we hear and see vividly how we don’t measure up to God…and then are confronted with our sin.

This sin alienates, separates and convicts.  And we don’t like that.

We like !NOISE!  Noise that distracts.  Noise that allows us to ignore the TRUTH residing in our souls.  Noise that causes us to procrastinate the self-reflection and meditation that margin in our lives so deeply desires.

Being alone in one’s sin is not necessarily a bad thing.  Perhaps, that aloneness is what truly gives us the motivation to actually DO something about that sin, or better yet, let God do something with that sin in the *silence*

So in invite  you to be *silent* . . . right now . . . go ahead . . . you can do it


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