.::This is What We Need

Watching the Superbowl like everyone else yesterday when this trailer for “The Fast and the Furious 4” came on.  I hope I wasn’t the only one who asked the question, “When did they do a F&F 3?”

But “Really?”

Really? we need another dumbded down, macho, car crashing brain mushing movie like this one?  Granted, I never made it through the entirety of the original F&F movie.  I literally felt myself getting dumber as I watched it so I had to turn it off before I even had the mental capacity to push a power button of any sorts.  Here’s is the real kicker. . . that 30-second spot for F&F4 was $3.1 million dollar just to air!  Think of that $3.1 mill might have been able to do.

Here’s a possible way of doing things a bit differently with that $3.1 million:

[CLICK HERE to go to YouTube to watch it . . . ]

Can’t we do a “Goonies 2” instead.  Now I would go see that. . .


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