.::God Sighting

This week the temperature dropped below zeros once again.  As I was driving in to work on Wednesday, I noticed the trees looked like they were all dripping wet.  But after closer inspection, I realized they were covered with ice.  Something as simple as water and low temperatures created such a thing of crystalline beauty.  These were glass trees if you will.

It was a simple gift from God.

On a morning when I was complaining about the cold, tired, looking at a long day ahead of me,  wondering if it was going to snow and trap me at work, God gently smacked me up against the head with a beautiful reminder of His infinitely creative power.  It was as if God took a small cup of water and a whiff of his omnipotent breathe and covered his creation with a coat of beauty.  What a wonderful reminder of God being in control.  What an amazing way to have the Transcendent mix with the physical.

What a great God sighting through my feeble blindness . . .


3 Responses to “.::God Sighting”

  1. Hey! How bout you not rip off ideas from other people’s blogs. Sure, you put it into more poetic words and sure you saw the same thing I did, but I blogged about it 4 days before you(see http://jesusismyfriend.wordpress.com/2009/01/27/ice-trees/ ) You will not receive credit for this blog entry for class.

  2. I kinda have to agree with Jeff… plagiarism is punishable by expulsion.

  3. What can I say, great minds think alike . . . .

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