My daughters and I have a running tradition that goes back longer than I can remember.  On Saturday mornings, we go get donuts together.  Each week is someone’s turn to pick where we get the donuts.  When I was living in San Jose, I loved going ot Sunny Donuts, Madeline’s was Krispy Kreme and Abby rotated between the two.  But we also would venture out and experiment whenever we saw a place we never have been before (like Lou’s Living Donut Museum–which has sadly closed).

I personally think the best donut in San Jose is at Stan’s Donuts.  But Stan’s donuts are so good you really can’t eat there week after week because you would get too overwhelmed by that goodness.  Stan’s is that kind of place where there is always a line, it is too busy for them to clean and it is a bit run down which adds to the character of the place.

Well after telling one of my lasses about the tradition, they turned me on to the Donut Den here in Green Hills.  It has that Stan’s kind of feel to it, but it is a bit cleaner, which is nice.  The donuts rate in my top ten and I can’t wait to share the experience with my girls.  For you see, donut day is much less about the donuts and much more about my girls.  It is that quantity time we get to spend on a Saturday morning, just the three of us.  It’s in those times we share stuff from our lives sometimes.  Sometimes we just share the time together.  Sometimes we buid some powerful memories, sometimes its just time spent getting a donut.  You see, it is margin in our week that we set aside so that we can be together and hopefully some quality moments will “pop” for us.  It is that intentionality that makes sure we keep that on our calendar.  Sure we can’t do that EVERY Saturday, but thre are much more Saturdays we do donut day than we DON’T.  It is a priority for us.  Can’t wait for tomorrow . . .


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