.::Comfort Food vs. New Cuisine

I went back to the congregation that I served at for the past ten years of my life.  A flood of emotions hit me as I was together with my “family.”  I have several different posts that will probably be forthcoming regarding this as I process what that experience was like and what I meant to me.

The first is a metaphor.  I wrote in my journal Sunday AM “Comfort Food vs. New Cuisine.”  I love comfort food.  Perhaps we all do.  Comfort food is that rich, hearty, flavorful cuisine that sooths the soul.  Food like meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy and cobbler.  Food that you are familiar with.  Food that nourishes.  That is what my soul felt like on Sunday.  It felt fed with these deep, rich flavors that were so soothing, so delicious as I saw face after face that I shared memory after memory with.  I left there with my soul so richly blessed and fed.

My experience at a new church has been different.  It is like a new cuisine.  I remember my wife talking about Greek cuisine after she came back from a trip to Greece with her students.  She raved and raved about it.  She tried to share it with me as she tried recipe after recipe, but it just want’s the same.  It wasn’t until I actually got to go to Greece with her that I understood what she ws talking about.  All the new flavors, new spices, new textures that bombard one’s senses.  It was magical. I loved the souvlaki, gyros, kebabs, and salads.  But truth be told, when I got home to the USA, I craved a cheeseburger.

As I begin to experience this new “cuisine” at my new church family.  I am bombarded with all these new flavors.  They are wonderful, delicious and the like, but I am not as familiar with the flavors to be comfortable having it meal after meal after meal . . . yet.  You see the great thing about comfort food is that you could probably eat it daily.  I don’t think this is so with a new cuisine.  With newness, you begin to crave familiarity after a time.  Granted, that familiarity will come after time.  I need to be patient.  Spend the time necessary to share new memories like CSM, Donner, FDC, Shasta, SEMP, Roscoe’s, Bocce, Wildwood, Prayer Breakfast, Cross Training . . .  It will happen.  This will become a home filled with rich, deep relationships as well.

But it WAS great to get a big ‘ol helpin’ of Spiritual Meatloaf, mashed taters, fried okra, and cobbler with homemade cobbler this past Sunday.


One Response to “.::Comfort Food vs. New Cuisine”

  1. so glad for you guys but i miss you all so badly! i am just not a fan of change!!!

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