.::Worst Job in Middle Tennessee

Yesterday while I was driving to do some training at a retreat in Middle Tennessee I noticed a guy parked on the side of the road. As I drove by I had to avoid some road kill in the middle of the highway. I looked back in the rear view mirror and realized that it was this guys job to pick up the roadkill.
Bummer job.
Two lessons that I gained from this:
1. When my job or when ministry gets difficult, I can always remember that guy who has to scrape dead carcasses off the highway.
2. I am glad there are guys whose job it is to scrape dead carcasses off the highway.

Ministry is a comsuming calling, but it is rewarding, frustragin, tiring, exhausting, exciting all rolled in to one.  I don’t think the guy who scrapes roadkill can say that about his job.


One Response to “.::Worst Job in Middle Tennessee”

  1. Dude – you live in Tennessee now. We have what is known as the “road kill” law. It’s actually legal here, to take your roadkill home, throw it on the grill with some KC Masterpiece sauce, and munch on it when it’s done. So that guy may have been shopping rather than working…

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