tent_blog“A church [that] pitches its tents without constantly

looking out for new horizons,

which does not continually strike camp,

is being untrue to its calling. . . .

[We must] play down out longing for certainty,

accept what it risky,

live by improvisation and experiment.”

Hans Küng

So this quote from Küng begs the question, was the wilderness wanderings for Israel a time of real connection with Yahweh where they really got what God wanted for the life of the faith community.

Was the wandering Israel more of a living, breathing organic entity then the static, stale Temple-based organization of the settled people?

Maybe that is what makes Youth Ministry so exciting for me. . . that is seems to be so much more of an organism–and so much less of an organization. . .I feel the more organized that the vocation of youth ministry becomes, the less agile, adaptable, relevant that it will become.  The more CERTAIN we become as to HOW to do youth ministry–the less risks me might take.  But much more importantly, the less youth ministry pitches its tents the less experimental it will become and the much quieter its voice in the lives of adolescents will be . . .


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