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Here is a shout out to all those churches who feel they can simply hand over the keys to the youth ministry to a 21 year old graduate and expect them to succeed without any supervision:

“The history of primarily calling inexperienced and inadequately trained young people to do youth ministry reflects the myth that youth ministry is a beginner’s job that doesn’t require much education, experience or skill.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Youth ministry is one of the most demanding ministries—so demanding and frustrating that many pastors and congregational leaders don’t know what to do”

–Roland Martinson

What if our churches looked to other professions such as medicine, law, and plumbing who realize the vital importance of closely supervising those who are novices in the ministry?  As I read the Harry Potter series it keeps coming up over and over that there are all these charms and spells that strongly protect Hogwart’s Academy for they realize the priceless value that is inherent in the upcoming generation. They do whatever they can to protect their young people.  Hogwarts is filled with a bunch of twenty something wizards . . . it is filled with sage wise wizards and witches who are seasoned, possess the knowledge and experience and PASSION for young people.

Now many churchs have been seeing the intrinsic value of youth ministry in the life of the church and have began to hire youth minister.  However, we haven’t fully thought it through.  We have turned over the keys to this vital ministry without providing the necessary supervision and oversight.  Furthermore, we have we have placed monumental expectations upon them for success.  We assume these are seasoned profesionals who know how to operate in the porfessional world when they haven’t.  As a result, we either frustrate them or are frustrated ourselves and let gifted, talented young men and women either burn out or flame out.

This quote from Martinson ought to shift some of our focus and criteria by which we approach the position and calling of youth ministry.

Just a thought…


2 Responses to “.::Food For Thought”

  1. Amen and Amen!
    Our church is guilty of the very things you posted about. For the past year, we (my husband and I) have been trying to baby sit our youth minister/worship leader. Hoping everyday that he doesn’t quit. He just turned 22 and is still in college. Our congregation expects so much from him…what they don’t realize is that he is newly married, still in college and trying to ride herd over 2 dozen youth every week. I feel for him, as the pastor’s wife, I know how demanding they can all be.

  2. AFAICT you’ve coeervd all the bases with this answer!

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