::Hotel Rooms

Tomorrow I head off to Colorado Springs for a few days to go to the National Conference on Youth Ministries which means I will be staying in a hotel room.  Now when I am traveling with my family I am a big fan of hotel rooms.  But when you are on your own, an empty hotel room can be a lonely, lonely place to stay especially after the holidays.

Here are some of the things I don’t care for about hotel rooms:

  1. It ISN’T Home. It doesn’t have that feel. That smell. Those sounds.
  2. The TV channels are all different. . . where is my ESPN?
  3. There is no onscreen guide or Tivo which means I am endlessly cycling through the channels trying to figure out what is on only to end up watching a little bit of a lot of shows.
  4. Tiny Soap.
  5. Showers that scald or freeze you since you don’t know the right setting.
  6. Lame coffee in the rooms. While I appreciate to gesture of the coffee maker in the room, it just doesn’t do, unless you have a 4:00AM wake up call to get the first flight home.
  7. The noise people make as they walk down the halls, inevitably waking you up way too early.

It isn’t all that bad.  Here is what I do like:

  1. Those little elves that come in and clean the room during the day.
  2. A fresh USA Today outside my door every morning.
  3. Crisp, Clean linens.  Hooo-Dang!
  4. Workout rooms and hot tubs. I love getting in some Sportscenter when I am on the Lifecycle.
  5. It makes me long for HOME.

Traveling away from my family reminds me how incredibly blessed I am.  It reveals all the different ways my wife and girls love me and shower me with blessing after blessing throughout my regular, ordinary, non-travelling days just through the gift of their presences, their smells, their sounds, their giggles, hugs, kisses, etc.

I can’t help but think the restlessness I feel for my family and my house when I am away from them compares to the restlessness I feel in life for the Eternal Home we all have waiting for us.  One of my favorite hyms is “This World Is Not My Home. . . I’m just a passin’ through.” In church this morning we were called to think through the possibilities of 2009 and what might await us this year. . . but the one thing that kept ringing in my soul was “Maranatha, Lord come quickly.” That is what my soul ached for this morning.  Oh that this might be the year that Jesus comes and take care of everything and bring us HOME!   Now that would be cool!


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