.::Grading & Spiderman

“We don’t get paid to teach, we get paid to grade.”  Those words were uttered Orientation week as I entered Fuller Seminary.  We all let out a chuckle, but now, 14 years later, those words have never rung so true.  As I sit here with a stack of Final Exams and tests to grade, the weight of the responsibility of grading a person on their performance in a Bible class and a ministry class weighs heavy on my heart.

How do you evaluate someone’s performance in a Spiritual Disciplines class effectively?  Did you pray enough?  No?  “C-.”

Did you fast?  A little.  “B.”

Or in a Youth Ministry Course?  Do you know how to recruit volunteers?  Maybe. “C”

Can you lan a lock-in?  I think so.  “B+”

The problem of being a forward thinker is that all the methods traditionally used to evaluate people seem inadequate.  Essays, multiple choice, true false, papers, etc. all seem to come up a bit short of some ideal that must exist out there somewhere that I have yet to venture.

Spiderman did say, “With great power comes great responsibility.”  And now with the great respponsibility of the “Grade” that I am called to place upon my students, I am prayerfully thoughtful of the responsibility that lay on my shoulders, while at the same time, I pray my studetns have a big enough world view to know how little one grades really affects one’s life.


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