I am sitting here watching my students write, and write, and write for their final.  My hope is that this is a final that is much more about implementing the concepts from class into real life situations and less about rote memory skills.

This is my Introduction to Youth Ministry students who have become a really great community over the past four months as we gathered together twice a week to hash out many of the different issues and skills necessary for entering in to youth ministry.

  • My hope is that they are THINKERS more than COPIERS as they embark upon youth ministry.
  • I hope they think OUTSIDE THE BOX of traditional youth ministry and do something wild and crazy for God.
  • I hope they don’t just replicate what they have seen, but listen to God’s voice.
  • I pray they gather a TEAM of committed adults around them and not do Lone Ranger ministry.
  • I pray for LONGEVITY in ministry for the sake of their heart and the hearts of their students.

I just want to say “Thank You,” to my students from this semester and I hope our paths cross often.


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